How To Do Transcription – UPDATED

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Lectures: 8
Level: Intermediate

Transcription is evolving as a BIG industry! Doctors, legal professionals, radio programs, lecturers, Pastors, podcasters — the list goes on — all use transcriptionists.

With the explosion of video throughout the internet, bloggers, and entrepreneurs the world over is turning to transcription to ensure their video content can easily be found by search engines. Their material can also more easily be quoted or “reblogged” on other websites.

Television networks need transcripts. Corporations use them for market research, focus groups, and copywriting. Academics use transcripts of interviews and conferences they’ve attended while they prepare their dissertations and works for publishing.

This is why anyone considering working from home MUST take a look at Transcription. In this Course, you will be shown how to transcribe like a pro.

Some of the topics covered are:

What is Transcription?
Is Transcription for Me?
What do I need to Get Started?
Transcription Apps (that will auto transcribe FREE!)
Where to Get Transcription Jobs
and more

01-Transcription – Introduction
02-What is Transcription
03-Getting Started, What Do I Need
04-Is Transcription for Me
05-Why Transcription will Remain Lucrative
06-Some Transcription App
07-Transcription Style Guides
08-Where to Get Transcription Jobs

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